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sekS on the beaCh.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Mar 2006|03:05pm]
ohmagawsh! mailee's updating (so says joey).. i totally forgot about this thing.. hehehe.. im looking at it all confused..well, this is just for joey.. lets hope we dont fail our chem test tomorrow.. we'll find a way to pass.. ;-).. alright.. love you all..

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[04 Dec 2004|10:06pm]
i love kevin
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to amanda and matt appel: [28 Mar 2004|06:07pm]
i got to hit the turtle! :)

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achoo! [22 Nov 2003|01:05pm]
[ mood | sick ]

hmm.. last nite sucked.. stupid allergies.. stupid drugs.. stupid people.. but i love them.. so yea, we had our first little shindig at the falls.. and suprisingly, people i knew came.. how embarrassing!! kittie and rey were there since they were at work.. then my mom came with my sis (( that suprised me )).. and vanessa stopped by.. so then we all ate at seasons.. 1o pts to whoever creatd cream of spinach soup! that stuff rockss.. LoL.. then me and kittie took one of the girls home.. went to his house so he could take a shower and i checked out movie times.. then we went to CS to pick up my check + tips.. yeaa boii.. imma ballerrrrr... he he.. j/k.. then we picked up rey.. and went on a mission.. (( damn those to hell )) then to "the place" . but wendys first.. so we were gonna be rushed and said screw that.. an went to blockbuster.. apparently they toke while i was sleeping on the way there.. and i was asleep for pretty much the rest of the nite.. the end.. ps - my allergies suck..

so i guess now ill back track the rest of the week.. thursday i had practice.. then went to scrapbooks with janelys (( thats defn. addicting but madddd expensive!! )) so yea.. i mite start with amanda.. 143! hmm.. then work with mean people.. i hate mean customers.. and i always get the meanest ones! LoL.. so then we closed.. and amber was supposed to lose stone with me.. but yea, i defn did it all by myself cause shes lazy.. and then i had to do the ghea all by myself.. and i did it in a little less than an hour.. i win..

wednesday i had practice again.. but not really.. i went to katie's with janelys.. and they had a mini-shindig for me :) waaaaaayyy too much food.. LoL.. i was good though.. i love them! and after, kittie took me out to the movies (( elf )) .. and we went to "eat" at bennigans with rey.. but only got ckes and juice.. fun stuff.. not enough though.. so technically, im still good.. but yea.. he got me the hottest neclace and bracelet :) i love you kittiee!! then in school, mike came to my 6th period and dropped of my presents.. but didnt stay.. :-\ ah well, i love him.. and in the morning, my mom got me stuff.. but didnt acknowledge my bday.. ah well..

tuesday was 11 months with mike <33.. but we didnt get to see each other.. i had practice and then went to the movies with joey that none of you guys know.. but we had to leave in the middle cause his mom locked her keys in the car.. ahhh i miss mike :-\

w/e.. im sleepy.. and congested.. the end..

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... [18 Nov 2003|07:03pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

yea.. today's the big one-one.. and tomorrows the stupid one-seven.. happy anniversary baybe.. to bad we're both spending it alone.. i love you.. 143..


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[15 Nov 2003|05:10pm]
i love amanda and matt.. you guys rock my socks.. dont forget that! 143..

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:: grandma got run over by a reindeeerrrr :: [13 Nov 2003|07:06pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

so practice went well.. we got alot accomplished.. i dunno if its gona be enough by next friday.. but w/e.. we'll pull it of.. we always do :) ahhh.. im off today.. no hw due tomorrow.. just ate the best dinner.. about to take a nap till the booger gets here.. apparently i have a suprise.. yumm.. i hope its food! LoL.. ya imma dork.. i work tomorrow.. fun fun.. but im last customer.. yayaya.. dorian wants to get crunk and javi wants to go to a jacuzzi..?? yea rite my ugly ass in a bathing suit around people i havent known all my life.. good luck.. now, crunk is more feasible.. but its been over a month.. and i dunno if i wanna break the cycle.. i dunno.. we'll see what happens.. chances are none of us will hang out anyways.. hmm.. i guess thats all.. 143..


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save me.. [11 Nov 2003|02:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]

jacked from valeria..Collapse )

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[01 Nov 2003|12:01am]
[ mood | loved ]

i love you... and im sorry.. you know who you are.. you're reading this.. dont forget that.. and dont turn your head slut bagger.. :) 143..


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landeeeeeeeroooooooooooo <33 [19 Oct 2003|05:20pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

hrmm.. landero has been gone :( but its been an interesting weekend nonetheless.. my computer hates me.. rite when i have 2 projects and bartlett terms due.. ah well, kittie's gonna help me out with that ;-)

so friday was my lovely little boon docks birthdayy.. yaaaa boiii :) happy sweet 16 love! so we chilled at matts.. and then i think i just went home.. LoL, i dont remember..

saturday i went to paradise with mikey, kim, and newman.. but it was collldddd.. ha ha, i love checkers.. but they have such dumb people working there!! ah well.. then i came home, took a shower, talked to my mom a bit and then left with kittie cause hes my best friend and hes hott.. LoL, and we're gonna get married and not have seks.. but uhh, thats a whole other story.. so me and kittie met up with the billster who was quite drunk.. and got drunk ourselves.. well, no.. i lied.. he had 1 beer and i had 1 triple black.. but we wanted to be drunk.. so we just sat bck and watched billy.. and laughed hysterically.. o man.. i love that kid.. he's hilarious!!

but im kinda getting worried about kittie.. hes going back to the way we used to be.. but it seems worse.. hes been hanging out with rey more and more.. and that just scares me cause reys kinda strange (( sara knows about that )) i dunno.. we were talking last nite.. and i asked him a question jokingly and he answered me seriously.. and i just found out so much about him.. and i know im not much better.. but wow.. i dnt think im like that.. i mean, im surrounded by people doing things, and it doesnt really bother me.. i dont really have that desire.. w/e.. im lying.. i just dont desire what they're doing.. i wanna do what i like to do.. and im scurred that by hanging out with kittie -- i mite.. ack.. im all retarted.. *sigh*..

oh, i also talked to my hair guy and he's doing my hair on friday.. i told him that he can pretty much do w/e he wants to my head.. yaaaa boiii :) im excited!!

then todayyyy i sat on my fatass trying to get my computer to work.. but that's been real iffy.. i have that thailand thing due tomorrow.. along with my tides project.. blech. so i think imma hit up kitties and take over his computer.. and then see landerrrooooo.. and get back all my stuff.. LoL.. 143..


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[14 Oct 2003|08:10pm]
[ mood | good ]

seKsiCollapse )

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and where did all of this come from?? [07 Oct 2003|10:32pm]
[ mood | confused ]

SpRiNKLesOnToP03 [10:30 PM]: cuz yu dunt seem lyk yur normal self

CoKo410 [9:56 PM]: whats wrong?
CoKo410 [10:00 PM]: you dont seem yourself..

Sararibero [10:05 PM]: and im just worried about u, cuz its something that started recently and alot of what ur doing is emotionally self destructive and i dont want u to get hurt

then i called mike since he called me last nite.. and he asked me about it.. then bD called me and the first words out of his mouth were "are you ok, is everything alrite, im kinda worried about you, youve been really distant lately"..

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bored and thinking.. [16 Sep 2003|11:56pm]
[ mood | funny.. ]

[in a relationship now (how long):] nopee..
[how long since last serious relationship:] like.. 1 or 2 months..
[# of relationships longer than 3 months:] 3
[# of relationships shorter than a month:] like 2..
[longest relationship how many months:] 19.. ((1 yr and 7 months ))
[ever lived with a girlfriend/boyfriend (how many): LoL, ya.. but thats a looong story..
[ever done the long distance thing:] yea, but not kowingly..
[do you have faith in long distance relationships:] i wish.. i would so be with andrew rite now..
[do you date:] heh.. i guess..
[on dates do you pay or get paid for:] both.. normally paid for.. but i never go out, so ya know..
[describe your typical date:] movie.. fast food.. good convo.. nice kiss *maybe*
[ever been on a blind date:] yeh.. i dont recommend it!
[ever dated more than one person at a time:] ive never had more than 1 b/f at a time.. ive had more than 1 hookup..
[do you call or get called:] both..
[ever have "friends with benefits":] :) of course.. what would life be without those?
[ever cheated:] yea :(
[ever had your heart broken:] yea.. it like my hobby..
[ever been dumped:] yea..

[do you put out the first night:] no
[last sexual episode:] like a month ago.. maybe 2..
[do you kiss on the first date:] yea.. normally.. if the feeling is there..
[what kind of person gets your number:] i dunno..

[ever been in love(how many times):] who knows what love is.. cause i sure as hell dont..
[say I love you even thou you didn't mean it:] yeh.. and im sorry..
[have any bitter ex's:] yupp..
[bitter towards any ex's:] somewhat.. ill get over it..
[oldest person you've dated:] hes 23 now i believe..
[youngest person you've dated:] he's 16 now..
[around what age do you tend to date:] a couple yrs. older.. only cause im really young..

[have relationships changed you:] i dunno.. probably..
[have your relationships been worthwhile:] LoL, in a sense of making me look stupid, yes..
[Where do you normally meet people for dating or relationships:] friends..
[what defines a girlfriend/boyfriend:] that click.. that chemistry.. that feeling.. its amazing..
[would you ever get married:] yea..
[key to a successful relationship:] trust.. too bad it doesnt exist..
[best attribute you bring to a relationship:] ha! im sooo horrible.. i dont know how i get guys.. im ugly, a bitch, and a bad g/f..
[worst attribute you bring to a relationship:] all of the above!
[importance of relationships in your life:] they arent important anymore.. theyre pointless, for me at least.. luckyily sara is happy.. and love seeing her like that.. its amazing, and it shows me that it is possible.. and i know i could be like that too.. it just sucks that he's so far away.. but i really do like him.. and i really do want to be with him.. and everytime i begin getting involved with someone, i think of him.. whether it be mike, powell, or alex.. hes still the one in the back of my head.. so if that makes me a hoe.. or a bad person, then so be it.. but for all of you that ask me what i want and what im doing.. there you go..

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*sigh* [10 Sep 2003|10:41pm]
[ mood | calm ]

wow..ravelo is super woman.. she knew the entire time.. and made me look stupid.. but w/e.. everything has been worked out.. mikey knows i didnt snitch on him.. and hes not in much trouble.. so its all good.. as or me, i dont know my punishment yet.. im pretty sure im not getting outdoor.. i just found out wuttke got 1o days outdoor.. but i dont feel at liberty to discuss why.. i talked to my dad today.. 1o pts.. i havent talked to him in like 3 weeks.. it was really refreshing.. i was coming home from amandas and getting onto the turnpike and i didnt have change.. and there was no person in the booth.. so i just drove thru.. but i waved $1 out the window.. so lets hope that i dont get ticketed cause my momma will kill meeee :( so, if everything goes as planned, then this weekend should be amazing.. but chances are it wont.. LoL.. im trying to convince kittie to go to the game.. we used to go to every game together.. and now we barely talk.. i was thinking about him today.. and i miss him sooooo much.. i hate drifting apart from people.. and thats what i feel like has been happening lately with like everyone.. and it sucks..

so yea.. i think its been well established that mikey likes me.. i kinda like him too.. but i like andrew soooo much.. and then theres mikeys g/f in argentina thats never coming back.. LoL.. and even stranger, i wont show affection towards him in front of wuttke.. like its a big secret from him or something.. LoL, like me and him are something.. i dunno.. im strange.. someone call me a whore and introduce me to someone new.. LoL.. o wait, i forgot about mike.. eh.. dont feel like talking to him.. anyways.. i think im done.. 143..


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:- \ [28 Aug 2003|04:27pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

shiiiaaatttt fuckkaa..will someone watch the game with me? grrrr..im such a looooosssseeerrrr..


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[22 Aug 2003|02:38am]
[ mood | enraged ]

i hate you..you know who you are..and i kno you're reading this..so just know i fucking loathe you..and i hope you're happy about it

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grrr..im so madd..grrrrr!! - said charles.. [20 Aug 2003|11:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

am i supposed to be mad..just because your mad? do you really think imma stay mad and ruin my evening just because you almost did? ha ha..thats cute doll..real cute..but sorry its not happening..you already spent so much time and energy to get me mad..and then you got even more upset cause it made me laugh! gosh..you're odd..and then go around saying im your girlfriend? hrmmm..last i checked you didnt want me to be your girlfriend..you didnt want anyone to be your girlfriend..you just wanted your freedom..the chance to live life..to not be tied down..after all, you didnt want to end up getting married after being in a long relationship since long relationships are associated with marriage according to you..and i wouldnt wanna make you unhappy..even though thats all i seem to do..that must be what i am..a thorn in your shoe..well, im just glad that you got rid of me..cause i found a new shoe..and you're wondering why im not crawling back to you again..hrmm..maybe cause im sick and tired of this game..this stupid game that you like to play with me..where im your little doll..and you take me off the shelf and play with me whenever you please..put me back when you're done..and expect me to just collect dust..well, you're wrong..and i hope you realized this tonite..if not, then you're more hard-headed than any of us thought..with all my love..

anyways, on a lighter note, the UM thing was cool..well, what i saw of it..i found out i wont get a legacy scholarship..but ill pretty much get in cause of it.. + im doing early action, which will make it even easier for me to get in..now..i just need to come up with $26,780/yr for 8 years and im set! dinner was yummy..me and sasa had a blast..LoL we're defn. destined to be together forever! and she gonna wake me up nice and early before we hang out with.. ya know ..sooo, i guess im gonna try and sleep now! 143..


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*siGh* [19 Aug 2003|06:39pm]
[ mood | excited ]

the fam just got home..and i finished cleaning..im so excited!! and they're taking me out to dinner tonite..so i guss imma blow everyone off until later on..though i really would like to chill with kittie and meet up wit andrew..anyways, i had sooo much fun this weekend..so i just wanna say thanqqq to everyone that came that i dont hate! LoL..im j/k..i feel like such a nerd! but yea i also want to thank ruDo...you are such a lifesaver! LoL..you helped me clean..you fixed my dryer..and you cut up your hand..your awesome and i owe you one! so i guess im gonna take a shower and hang out with the fam! 143..


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seks is hott.. [15 Aug 2003|11:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]

my fam is leaving tomorrow morning for 4 days..sooo mikes crashing here tomorrow..hopefully sara and chrissy will be too..and whoever else..LoL..anyways, im trying to get the doggie to eat..its not healthy when she doesnt eat! LoL..anyways..mikes headed over here later..woo hoo..me and amanda had an invigorating conversation the other day..i talked to enrique today.. poo on that..i talked to andrew again..yaya thumbs up baybiee!! :) hes awesomee..hrmm..if anyone wants to keep me company this weekend..lemme knowww..LoL..but yea..time to go bug mike..143..

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he he he.. [14 Aug 2003|02:03pm]

so i was talking to amanda and i thought this was funny..LoL, this makes me feel special :)

1: escuincla
2: roxanna
3: alezzzz
4: shaggy420
5: rubyohos
6: special_eduardo
7: starsinhare,
8: saad_the_mod
9: myblacksweater
10: glitterkishes
11: cherryredwhore
12: el_steve_o
13: gonadsinrain
14: lunchboxtuna
15: xxcavan_edgexx
16: menace22
17: wow_its_me
18: wwkdchild86
19: plzsendhelp
20: honourme
21: abowloforanges
22: notdestined
23: not_an_airplane
24: nellytheelefant
25: mattyrocks
26: fuckmebackhome
27: 8becomes2zeros
28: nicered17
29: silentkisses
30: sexyford
31: laracious
32: uchi
33: nocbit04
34: blackcreeka
35: shhurebob
36: day_niece
37: jessicahope1204
38: soulessmutant_x
39: pinkifiedturtle
40: xxtweakerxx
41: poopwaffle
42: death_by_music
43: givethemtheguns
44: mynameisrobert
45: xxeljefexx
46: bouncingsole
47: wavesoftime
48: xstaroverdosex
49: lipperson
50: worthlessliar

hrmm..i wonder how many of these people i know..143..

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